Crimson Empire ReCap


Leaving Tatooine aboard the Kryat Fang an emergency distress transmission from Rishi came through. Before the crew could act the ships auto pilot took over. Despite efforts to stop the auto pilot, the Kryat Fang went into hyperspace and emerged outside Geonosis. The Kryat Fang received unknown transmissions from Geonosis asking for Jacobs.

The Crew unsure of what to say or do was guided to a crude landing strip by two red painted TIE fighters. Once landed the crew of the Kryat Fang saw eleven men: of the ten heavily armed militarized men one man in a deep red duster with a nero implant named Conry demanded entrance to the ship. Thinking quick, a brave crew member used a first aid kit and bandages to disguise himself as Jacobs who was now a severe burn victim. Luckily the disguise worked and fooled Conry who apparently knew Jacobs well.

Conry unknowing of the death of Jacobs demands for the slave cargo. Not knowing what to do the crew of the Kryat Fang took four large boxes from a supply closet to supplement for the missing slave cargo. The crew was then escorted to a one way tram that took them to underground home of the Crimson Empire.

The false burn victim Jacobs was taken to see Emperor Kane while his crew was forced to stay behind. False Jacobs attempted to fool Kane with his appearance, and Kane appeared to have fallen for the cleaver disguise. Kane let burn victim Jacobs go along with his crew to browse the streets of the underground city. Once in the city a very suave MonCalamari made sweet love to a lavender Twi’lek. And burn victim Jacobs made a lady friend from the security office who tipped them off of an important event that night. The most important piece was the crew stealing a small history book regarding the Crimson Empire. Conry caught up with the crew and showed them to there quarters in the housing district. Once inside the small suite the crew realized “its a trap”: in a panic the crew referenced the history book they had stole to look for answers on what was happening that night. They learned that the Crimson Empire filled with multiple species was a war like culture who enjoyed gladiatorial games and other blood based events. Poison gas began to fill the room and the crew began to feel weak. Luckily the suave MonCalamari lighting bolted the door open and fell unconscious. As the crew ran out the rainbow coated hole in the wall they were surrounded by Conry and his guards. Conry revealed that the burn victim Jacobs was truly just a cleaver noble. The crew was then knocked out and dragged them away.

The crew awoke to a cold dark room where a holographic image of Kane appeared. Kane had told them that they would be participating in an event for the amusement of the people. The Crew would have to complete five challenges. They would be given 70min to complete the 5 challenges, and if they ran out of time there shock collars would kill them. If they survived Kane promised the loyalties of the Crimson Empire and would pay off the crews bounty with the Hurts.

The Crew survived with 5min left to spare and a Kel Dor knocked unconscious. Kane fulfilled his promises to the crew. The crew now has good standing with the Crimson Empire and are considered legends.

Crimson Empire info

Important Information

“…HEL..(static)…PLEASE (static).. HELP…WE NEED (static)…”

-KelDor recovered housing key from lost and found.


Blasted guard, I knew he was up to something! I had assumed it to be less platonic, however. Matt somehow convinced Victoria of reality, and broke her free of the “therapy” I had my droids place her under. They escaped my palace into the desert, hopefully to die. I’ve sent my most trusted Gamorreans after them, they should be back shortly. I’ll punish them well. – Teemo the Hutt

Idiot called me Stumpy, I hope I never see him again! – “Stumpy, the Shop Keep”

Dear Diary,
Some nerf herders hacked my security droid so they could come into the cantina, that’s going to be a pain to fix. Of course, I thought they’d just followed, you know, Galactic Laws and showed some damn identification and got in that way! So I showed them the basement. Didn’t buy anything either. . .
Love, Benny.


I don’t know how to describe this scene. There’s one dead, and three security droids down. All other rooms have been pilfered. Dead man was registered under Imperial Identification, Sulmor, Jacobs. Docking Officer for Mos Shutta. A blaster shot to the chest ended his life, seemingly fired from a Blaster Rifle.
Strangely, the entire scene is covered in a viscous, multi-colored fluid. It seems to have been fired from a single point just outside the door in a wide area. The Security Droids found were coated in it, along with most of the walls and floors. It blasted a hole in the back wall, knocking the droids into the pool. Testing will be done on the fluid, and the scene has been swiped for any kind of evidence against the perpetrators.

Found another two crime scenes later on, old man that ran the scrap shop was found dead, neck snapped and throat crushed. No signs of struggle. The cantina was also a bloody mess. Six Gamorreans dead, along with the bartender. Illegal weapons cache found hidden under the bar, were he alive we could fine him for it.

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